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Creating more opportunities for fun at work tends to boost company morale. People are more prone to put effort into an activity they find enjoyable. If you don't make your employees' happiness a priority, you will notice a lack of productivity. Here are a few ways to create a fun and happy workplace.

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Feeding Frontline Workers

Games aren't only for kids. Breakrooms should never be sterile places with only tables and chairs for decoration. Fill the space with interesting things, such as brainteaser toys like Rubik's cubes, board games, and adult coloring books. If you have the budget, spring for a television and a game console like an Xbox.

Feeding Poor People

Set up a happy hour once a month, or book tickets to attend a baseball game together. If your employees become friends, they are more likely to be happy in their positions.

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Celebrate victories both big and small

Reward team members for a job well done. This could mean treating them to pizza one night after work or awarding comp time. Make sure you provide positive feedback more often than negative to keep an upbeat vibe at work.


Encourage a healthy mindset

Many workplaces are starting initiatives to help employees stay physically and mentally healthy. This could mean offering a discount for gym membership or arranging a workshop with a fitness instructor. Exercise helps reduce employee stress, and attending workouts together can be fun.


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